Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection Services

Halkin’s certified technicians, inspectors, pilots, and software engineers have been providing testing, inspection, and reporting services for almost 40 years. The industries we have served include petrochemical refining, energy infrastructure, industrial facilities, and commercial buildings.

Our primary area of expertise includes:

Thermal Inspection

Used for detecting structural moisture intrusion, envelop efficiency and excessive heat/cold.

Materials Inspection

Visual imaging of industrial materials degradation from heat, moisture, chemicals, and other environmental hazards in compromised surroundings.

ASNT Visual Inspection

All industrial and civil sites with inaccessible areas are viewed by certified inspectors.

Structural Integrity

Civil and commercial structural evaluation.

The advancement of UAV technology has expanded the scope and accessibility of Halkin’s inspection capabilities. Halkin inspectors use drones to access hard-to-reach areas utilizing sensors and cameras that were historically not available.  Halkin’s reporting platform, SeraPointTM, is revolutionary within the inspection and non-destructive testing industries.  SeraPointTM also serves 3rd party inspection organizations to enhance their respective reporting protocols for their own, unique clientele.

Please contact us to learn more about our inspections and reporting services.